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Maleku Indigenous

Tour Description

We pick up our clients at the hotels at the specified time to take the pathway that will take us to one of the most important agriculture zones in Costa Rica: the Northern Plains. We drive for about one hour to get to the Indigenous reservation set by the government, in this reservation we find three communities known as El Sol, Margarita and Tonjibe.

We will visit Tonjibe community where we will meet a local family, which as the rest of families had to adapt themselves to a new life style to survive and keep their traditions and culture intact, because their ancient life style it is against the new environmental government laws such as their homes materials, their diet and medicines; but even so they are working on to preserve the most of their traditions such as their language, dances, diet, dressing, and the use of natural medicines. That is why they are opening to tourism for visiting their homes to watch their life style and also by selling their handcrafts; this cultural encounter involves a visiting to one of their traditional houses, a walk thru their graveyards to know how they used to bury their family members in the past; also we will walk thru a botanical garden where they get their medicines from different plants that they use; and a performance of one of their traditional tribal rituals to end with a typical Maleku lunch. After that we get back to the hotel.

Pick Up Time: 7:30 a.m.

Duration: 5 hours.

Difficulty: easy.

Minimum: 2 people.

Minimum: 2 people.

What's Included: Water bottle, guide, admission fee to the park, lunch and transportation.