Slough on Tree near Rio Celeste Hideaway

At Río Celeste Hideaway Hotel, we have pledged to incorporate sustainable practices in the daily operations of our luxury resort. We are aware that any activity has an impact on its surrounding environment, which is why we are committed to developing activities in an eco-friendly manner and to improving every day regarding our sustainable practices. Our mission is to be a tropical refuge where guests may rest and enjoy a stay which makes a difference. Our goal is satisfying your expectations through attention to detail, always aware of our commitment to the social and natural environment that surrounds us.

Rainbow in the Sky near Rio Celeste Hideaway


View of Forest & Mountain near the Rio Celeste Hideaway

Carbon Footprint Flight program

The same natural riches housed in Latin America and Central America make this region very vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change. Therefore, in conjunction with our collaborators and guests, we carry out actions to mitigate and compensate for greenhouse gas emissions. Apart from having approximately 12 hectares of primary and secondary forest in our grounds, each year we plant native trees through the ACCT (Association Community Carbon Trees for the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide) program, mitigating our carbon footprint. The airline industry is responsible for 5% of the CO2 emissions worldwide, which is why we also motivate our guests to compensate for the carbon footprint of their air travel.

Rio Celeste Waterfall Aerial View near Rio Celeste Hideaway


Cataratas near the Rio Celeste Hideaway

Our Practices

•    We work actively to offset our carbon footprint.
•    Over 95% of our collaborators are neighbors from local communities and small local producers, and our tour operators are led by area entrepreneurs.
•    Our gardens are chemical-free and we have a greenhouse where we cultivate part of the greens and vegetables used in our kitchen.
•    We support the essential work done by the Tenorio Volcano National Park.
•    Residual waters are treated in a biodigester through the application of biocatalysts.
•    We have implemented the reduce, reuse and recycle policy, with plans in place to save energy and water.
•    Hotel bathrooms and bathtubs are equipped with biodegradable amenities.
•    We support local communities and have adopted the neighboring La Paz School, teaching kids about recycling and protecting mother earth.

Rio Celeste Soleado near Rio Celeste Hideaway


Blue Lagoon near Rio Celeste Hideaway

Get Involved

We invite you to implement the following steps, with the objective of preserving natural resources:
•    Use water carefully and use refillable bottles. The hotel’s water is 100% potable; lab tests are done on a regular basis.
•    Reuse your towels. If you would like to have your bath towels replaced, leave them on the floor and we will gladly replace them.
•    We are part of a rigorous recycling plan, and waste separators may be found in guest rooms as well as public areas.
•    Please do not feed the wild animals or extract any plants from any natural protected area.
•    Be part of fair trade: purchase at small businesses and local companies, which contributes to the growth and wellness of local families.
•    We invite our guests to get involved in social welfare programs benefitting our local community.


A Couple Bird Watching near Rio Celeste Hideaway


Closeup on Maleku Kids near Rio Celeste Hideaway

Pack For A Purpose

We are members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows tourists to create a positive impact in the communities they visit. If you save some space in your suitcase and bring with you articles for the projects we support, you will have an invaluable impact on the lives of children and families in local communities.