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Why Hideaway at Río Celeste:
A Tropical Refuge with Purpose

When we first laid eyes on the Rio Celeste river, its otherworldly beauty left an indelible mark on our hearts. It became more than a natural wonder; it became our inspiration.  

At Hideaway Río Celeste, we are committed to nurturing a harmonious coexistence between tourism and the environment, ensuring that this incredible place remains a sanctuary for generations to come.

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Our Big Why is simple: to make your stay extraordinary.

From the moment you arrive, our warm smiles and thoughtful touches will help you leave your worries behind, immersing you into a tropical retreat.   

Whether you're exploring the lush trails of Tenorio Volcano National Park or floating with the current on the Río Celeste river, we're here to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. 

Our attentive service goes beyond your stay, leaving you with cherished memories and a deeper connection to nature. By immersing yourself in our enchanted world of comfort, you'll not only discover the natural beauty of our hideaway but also join us in preserving one of Costa Rica's natural treasures.

That's why Preservation is our Purpose

Costa Rica, nestled between North and South America, might be small in size but is vast in biodiversity. More than 25% of the nation's land is protected.  

Our Hideaway at Río Celeste sits at the gateway to these natural but delicate wonders. 

In lush rainforests beside the Río Celeste river, you are immersed in a vibrant tropical haven. Just steps from Tenorio Volcano National Park, our jungle is home to 78 amphibian species, 135 reptile species, and 131 species of mammals. 

We know that rainforests are the lungs of our planet, and the diversity of its animals and wildlife are its heart.  

Be it the two-toed sloth, the white-faced monkey, or the spotted ocelot, we believe that these close encounters with wildlife in their natural habitats will inspire greater awareness of the importance of environmental preservation.  

We hope your stay with us leaves you with a more humble understanding of our place in the world, and the role we all share in reducing our ecological footprint to protect these natural wonders.

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In collaboration with the nonprofit organization Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation, we recognized the need to officially protect this area adjacent to Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Spanning 30 hectares of our property, the Tapir Natural Reserve is a dedicated sanctuary for the endangered Tapir, known locally as the Danta.  

Visiting biologists revealed that Tapirs were competing for space with Pumas in the region. To monitor and understand these species' behaviors, we've placed two camera traps within the Reserve, collecting exciting data and contributing to the conservation of this vital ecosystem. 

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About The Tapir. As the largest mammal in Costa Rica, these magnificent creatures weigh between 300-700 pounds. With their distinctive features, including short dark hair and a trumpet-like snout used for gathering plants, fruits, and seeds for their vegetarian diet, Tapirs are among the most captivating and unique residents of our tropical refuge.