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Complimentary Activities On Our 80-Acre Nature Reserve

Enjoy Private Trails, Exclusive Swimming Access & Exotic Wildlife Encounters

At the Hideaway at Rio Celeste, you'll see the best of Costa Rica's wildlife — and that's because we're located within an 80-acre nature reserve, The Tapir Natural Reserve. 

You'll enjoy exclusive swimming access to the stunning turquoise waters of the Río Celeste. And you won't need to go far to see Costa Rica's renowned wildlife — you'll see colourful tropical birds, playful coatis and lazy sloths right here on our property. 

When you stay at The Hideaway, access to our private nature trails and swimming in the Rio Celeste river are always complimentary.

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Explore El Tapir Preserve Trails & Rio Celeste River 

Our El Tapir Preserve Trails cover about 1.5 miles through primary rainforest and offer privileged access to the Río Celeste river. 

Two marked trails will lead you to our natural wonder, the Río Celeste: the Armadillo Trail and the Tapir Trail. Expect an easy walk to the river that takes no more than 15 mins. to the banks of the Río Celeste.

A trail in the forest near Hideaway Rio Celeste
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The Armadillo Trail

is an easy, 700 metre walk with some steep parts.

Tapir Trail is a 1.3 km trail of easy-medium difficulty, with some steep parts and a steady climbing section. 



For swimming in the Rio Celeste, walking the trails in your bathing suit is totally fine. But for your safety, we highly recommend wearing closed-toe shoes while walking on the trail.

Go River Swimming in the Río Celeste

Within Tenorio National Park, it is not permitted to swim in the Río Celeste. 

However, at Hideaway Río Celeste, you have exclusive access to swim in the stunning blue waters of this natural wonder. 

The designated swimming area on our property is a natural pool nestled in the rainforest. The water here is shallow with a gentle flow, and you'll find a smooth riverbed of river stones and pebbles, polished over time by the flowing water. 

We invite you to relax to the gentle murmur of the Rio Celeste river, while birdsong and rainforest life awaken your senses. 

This is where nature comes to paint. 

Couple relaxing on the Celeste River near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Father & sons on a rock in the River near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Discover Costa Rica's Wildlife at Río Celeste: Wildlife Thrives at Our Hotel

At the Hideaway at Río Celeste, wildlife is part of your everyday experience.  

Over 90% of our vast 80-acre property is dedicated to The Tapir Natural Reserve, a haven for the endangered tapirus bairdii, affectionately known as the Tapir.  

This lush sanctuary is just steps away from Tenorio Volcano National Park, where you'll encounter 78 amphibian species, 135 reptile species, and 131 different species of mammals. 

These close wildlife encounters in their pristine habitats will deepen your appreciation for environmental preservation. We hope your stay with us leaves you with a more profound sense of our place in the world and the shared responsibility to protect these natural wonders.

Night Walk at Río Celeste

On this twilight tour, you'll have the chance to connect with the hidden world of the rainforest and witness nocturnal creatures that become active after dark. 

The Night Walk begins at 6:00 pm and follows a rainforest trail within our 80-acre property. 

With your flashlight at the ready and your senses heightened, keep an eye out for a variety of Costa Rica's impressive insects and colourful amphibians, such as the iconic red-eyed green frog, reptiles, spiders, night birds, and tapirs, if you're fortunate. 

The Night Walk at Río Celeste will undoubtedly give you a new perspective on the rainforest and a deeper appreciation of Costa Rica's diverse ecosystems. 

Book Direct With Us: This tour is complimentary when you book directly on our official website or with our Reservations team.  

Father & son exploring the forest near Hideaway Rio Celeste

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Couple overlooking the Celeste River near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Couple on a rock in the river near Hideaway Rio Celeste
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