Aerial view of hotel surround by trees at Hideaway Rio Celeste

Hideaway at Rio Celeste: Our Sustainability Pledge

"Within this pristine landscape teeming with rich biodiversity, we recognize our responsibility to coexist harmoniously with nature. Our actions are driven by a deep respect for the delicate balance of life in this enchanting setting." 

At Hideaway at Rio Celeste, we practice sustainability in all our daily operations at our luxury resort. Below, this is what it means for us to act sustainably.

Aerial view of the mountains & road near Hideaway Rio Celeste


Our Commitment to Sustainability: Our Hotel Practices

  • Over 95% of our collaborators are local, supporting our community. 

  • Chemical-free gardens provide fresh greens from our on-site greenhouse. 

  • We support Tenorio Volcano National Park's preservation efforts. 

  • Residual waters are eco-treated in a biodigester. 

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle policies are in place throughout our property. 

  • Our bathrooms feature biodegradable amenities. 

  • We educate kids at La Paz School about recycling and environmental protection.  

  • We actively reduce our carbon footprint by conserving energy and water. 

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Our Commitment to The Community: Supporting Local Producers 

At Hideaway Rio Celeste, we wholeheartedly support local growers and producers. This means that when you stay with us, you're not only experiencing the beauty of Costa Rica's enchanted Rio Celeste and lush rainforests, but also contributing to the social and economic well-being of the local community.

Stuffed squash dish served at Hideaway Rio Celeste
Light gray plain background used at Hideaway Rio Celeste

We source fresh and homemade products from these local producers, including fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients for our meals.  

By doing so, we not only provide you with delicious and authentic cuisine but also help sustain the livelihoods of our neighbors. This commitment to our community is a fundamental part of our ethos, ensuring that your stay leaves a positive impact on the people and places you encounter during your visit.

Our Commitment to Coexist with Nature: The Tapir Natural Reserve

All conservation ideas must come from the heart. 

We believe that what you love is what you protect. And loving nature is the easiest action on earth. Simply gaze at the face of a baby sloth, and you will understand why we believe in conservation. 

That's why in 2019, 90% of our land became dedicated to conservation. With the help of Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation and local guides, we've researched, monitored, and protected endangered species, like the Tapir.

Baird's tapir captured on a field near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Aerial view of mountains & the road near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Our Commitment to Climate Action: Carbon Footprint Flight Program

The rich natural beauty of Latin America and Central America faces increasing vulnerability to climate change. As an industry, airlines contribute to 5% of global CO2 emissions. We recognize our duty to protect this treasured environment. 

Together with our collaborators and guests, we take steps to offset our carbon emissions. In addition to our 12 hectares of protected primary and secondary forest, we annually plant native trees through the ACCT* program, reducing our carbon footprint and bolstering rainforest resilience. 

*ACCT is the Association Community Carbon Trees for the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

We invite You to Join Us: Your Role in Sustainability

By valuing preservation, coexistence, and conscious consumption, we continually strive to improve our practices and invite you to join us in our sustainability mission. 

Your stay with us helps shape a greener and healthier future. You can contribute by: 

  1. Being mindful of your water usage and using refillable water bottles. 

  1. Reusing your towels to reduce laundry. 

  1. Participating in our recycling program. 

  1. Respecting the wildlife you encounter and protected areas. 

  1. Supporting our local businesses. 

  1. Ask us about social welfare programs that benefit our community. 

Antique Stoneware Brewer Bottles at Hideaway Rio Celeste
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Our Certifications

Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) Elite Award 

Blue Flag Ecological Program (Bandera Azul Ecológica) 

Distant view of Arenal Volcano near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Light gray plain background used at Hideaway Rio Celeste

Our Partners in Sustainability

At Rio Celeste Hideaway, we partner with these organizations to promote coexistence, conservation, and sustainability.