Hideaway Rio Celeste among the 14 Most Beautiful Jungle Hotels Around the World

Portrait of a Mantled Howler Monkey near Hideaway Rio Celeste
A Sloth captured in the wild near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Portrait of a Chestnut Toucan Bird near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Portrait of a White-nosed coati near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Aerial view of a valley and mountains near Hideaway Rio Celeste

"The enchanting Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel gets a special mention for its proximity to its namesake river in Tenorio Volcano National Park. Rio Celeste is hidden in a less-traveled corner of Guanacaste Province, but those who make the trek are rewarded with waters, hot springs, and a large waterfall distinct for their ethereal, milky teal hue. The hotel's generous villas are set within the rain forest, and its sizable network of private trails near and along the river gives nature lovers ample opportunities to explore the area's "FernGully"-like flora and fauna."

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