Planting of 150 Jícaro Danto trees

A man and a woman kneeling in a forest near Hideaway Rio Celeste
A group of people posing for a picture in outside near Hideaway Rio Celeste
A group of people exploring the forest near Hideaway Rio Celeste

In December 2023, a reforestation activity was carried out within the property in collaboration with the Jícaro Danto organization. A total of 150 Jícaro Danto trees (Parmentiera valerii) were planted. The Jícaro Danto is a very special and unknown tree, endangered, and its distribution is taken care of by the tapir, another endangered species—a combination with little future.

The fruits of this tree are very hard. The strong jaws of the animal allow it to chew the fruits without any problem. Once digested, the seeds fall and, a few weeks later, germinate. That's why we call tapirs the "gardeners of the forest": seedlings appear from their excrement.

To date, there is no evidence that any other animal eats the fruits and acts as a disperser. Protecting and conserving our tapirs is an indirect way to ensure the persistence of other species like this one (by Nai Conservation).

This activity is part of the many activities carried out by the developer throughout the year within the property to help preserve the environment. Children from the local area and nearby school, as well as hotel staff from the occupational health and environmental management departments, participated in this activity.