Supporting the School in La Paz de Río Celeste

We are pleased to share with all of you the fantastic news of how the Hideaway Rio Celeste corporate social responsibility has had a positive impact on the community. For years, we have been committed to supporting the school in our community, La Paz de Río Celeste, and this year we have focused on improving the infrastructure to provide a more comfortable and safe environment for the eleven students who attend.

We have made great strides in this project, and we are filled with joy to see how our actions are making a difference in the lives of these children. Thanks to the contribution of Hideaway Rio Celeste, the school now has renovated and adapted classrooms to meet the students' needs.

We are convinced that investing in the education of these children is an effective way to support their growth and development. By providing them with a suitable place to receive their lessons, we are giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential and build a prosperous future for themselves and their families.

Each of you as guests and friends of Hideaway Rio Celeste has played a fundamental role in achieving our goals and transforming the lives of these young people.

In the future, we will continue to support the education of these children with the hope that, in a few years, they will be the backbone of their families and will contribute positively to our society. We are confident that our investment in their education will have a lasting and significant impact on their lives and the community as a whole.