Picnic en el Río

A group of people standing by a river while raising their hands near Hideaway Rio Celeste
2 Women planting plant in outside near Hideaway Rio Celeste
A group of kids and adults sitting on the ground near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Close-up of planting a plant in outside near Hideaway Rio Celeste

"Picnic en el Río" is a significant day of actions in favor of the country's rivers and streams, aiming to redirect public attention towards them by undertaking various initiatives for their recovery and protection.

For this large collective event, communities and diverse groups across the country will simultaneously organize multiple picnics along the banks of rivers and streams in their respective areas, involving neighbors, family members, colleagues, and friends to ignite their interest in improving and conserving these spaces through various actions.

Hideaway Rio Celeste is proud to join the "River Picnic" initiative! We're excited to contribute to the protection and rejuvenation of our rivers and streams. Join us as we gather with our community to make a difference and cherish the natural beauty around us.