Storks in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Visit the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

In the mood for crocodile sightings? This river-boat experience takes you to the renowned Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, recognized as a Ramsar Site of Worldwide Importance for Wetlands Conservation.

Close-up of a crocodile captured near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Men capturing views & photographing near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Only a 90-minute drive from Hotel Rio Celeste, this sanctuary is one of the most dynamic and biodiverse ecosystems in Costa Rica and holds immense significance for the northern region. 

The waters here are calm and lazy — perfect for wildlife watching! You'll pass through rainforest, river habitats and marshy areas. Be on the lookout for sightings of rare and endangered species, such as the Jabiru stork and the giant river otter. 

This habitat shelters hundreds of exotic birds. It is also an important layover for migratory birds including roseate spoonbills, green-backed herons, blue-winged teals, wood storks and many other species. 

You're sure to see young crocodiles by the banks of the river, so have your camera ready.