Aerial view of people in the River near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Experience the Best Guided Tours of Costa Rica's Northern Plains

From Wildlife to Volcanoes: Our Most Recommended Tours Beyond Río Celeste

At Hideaway Río Celeste, you are perfectly placed on the Northern Plains of Costa Rica — one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. 

Beyond the brilliant Río Celeste, you'll find both Rainforests and Cloud Forests. Rare and endangered wildlife. Hot springs. The dramatic backdrop of Arenal Volcano. And a host of immersive, guided tours that will bring you closer to this stunning, untamed landscape.

People on floats in the River near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Tubing Río Celeste, Costa Rica

This is your chance to float along the enchanting Río Celeste River by tubing downstream with the current.
Class I and II rapids will have you taking in the stunning turquoise waters of the Río Celeste and its backdrop
of tropical rainforest. 

Go Tubing in Río Celeste
Couple taking a selfie by the River near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Hiking Río Celeste & Tenorio National Park

Only a 2 minute drive from Hideaway Río Celeste, Tenorio National Park offers outstanding hiking trails that culminate in a visit to one of Costa Rica's most cherished natural wonders: the enchanting turquoise waters of Río Celeste and the Río Celeste waterfall.

Hike Río Celeste & Tenorio
Couples Horseback riding on a trail near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Horseback Riding Tours, Costa Rica

A trail ride for every mood. Choose from three horseback-riding trail rides that will take you through the unique terrain surrounding the Río Celeste River and Tenorio Volcano, Costa Rica.

See Río Celeste by Horseback
People rafting on the river near Hideaway Rio Celeste

White Water Rafting: Tenorio & Corobicí Rivers 

Brace yourself for a 7-mile white water rafting adventure filled with twists, turns, and drops through Tenorio River's challenging and intense white water rapids. Then enjoy the calmer moments gliding along Corobicí River.

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Storks in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge 

In the mood for crocodile sightings? This river-boat experience takes you to the renowned Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, recognized as a Ramsar Site of Worldwide Importance for Wetlands Conservation.

Explore Caño Negro
Lady & child from Maleku tribe near Hideaway Rio Celeste

The Maleku Indigenous Reserve 

The Northern Region of Costa Rica is home to the Maleku people, a group of 1,000 indigenous people who speak the Maleku Jaica dialect. This cultural tour is your chance to meet and learn about the Maleku way of life.

Meet the Maleku
Chocolate making experience at Hideaway Rio Celeste

Tree Chocolate Farm 

Head to the slopes of Tenorio Volcano where you'll find Tree Chocolate Farm, Costa Rica, a locally-owned, family-run farm that has a passion for all things chocolate.

Head to Tree Chocolate
People crossing a rope bridge near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Heliconias Hanging Bridges 

Here's your chance to walk amongst the treetops in the Heliconias Rainforest on its famous hanging bridges tour. You'll cross 3 impressive bridges — each one offering a unique perspective on the natural habitat of Costa Rica's famous wildlife, flora and fauna. 

Walk the Hanging Bridges
Distant view of Arenal Volcano near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs 

Hideaway Río Celeste is the perfect complement to experiencing the iconic Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs. On this tour, we invite you to unwind in Arenal's natural hot springs for a wonderfully therapeutic and calming all-day retreat.

Relax in Arenal Hot Springs
Baird's tapir captured on a field near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Tapir Valley

Led by a knowledgeable nature guide, you'll venture deep into the Tapir Valley on the foothills of Tenorio Volcano
in search of Costa Rica's largest mammal, the Tapir. Witness the untamed beauty of Costa Rica's rainforest,
and encounter one of its most iconic and ecologically vital inhabitants.

Venture into Tapir Valley
Couple ziplining downstream near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Zip Lining Rio Celeste 

This is the tour for you adventure enthusiasts! As you sail through the treetops of Costa Rica, you'll be greeted with awe-inspiring views of the rainforest canopy and the turquoise-blue waters of the Rio Celeste below — a thrilling ride that you won't find anywhere else. 

Zip Line Río Celeste
Lady reading a book about Toucans near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Bird Watching in Tenorio Volcano National Park 

Prepare to venture deep into the heart of Tenorio Volcano National Park, a true paradise for birdwatchers. This wildlife tour not only promises rare encounters with Costa Rica's diverse birdlife, but also immerses you in the lush wilderness that surrounds us. 

Bird Watching in Tenorio Park
People kayaking on the river near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Kayaking Rio Celeste 

This leisurely kayaking tour will take you along the enchanting waters of the Rio Celeste, promising moments of deep connection with the river and the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Kayak Río Celeste