Baird's tapir captured on a field near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Wild Encounters: Discover Costa Rica's Iconic Tapirs

A tour of the Tapir Valley is an invitation to witness the untamed beauty of Costa Rica's rainforest, and encounter one of its most iconic and ecologically vital inhabitants – the Tapir.

Portrait of Baird's tapir near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Baird's tapir captured in a field near Hideaway Rio Celeste
People observing a Baird's tapir near Hideaway Rio Celeste
People observing a Baird's tapir near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Only a 15 minute drive from Hideaway Rio Celeste, Tapir Valley is located in the foothills of Tenorio Volcano and is named after one of Costa Rica's most iconic inhabitants – the Tapir. 

The Tapir (Tapirus Bairdii) is the biggest mammal of Central America. Costa Rica boasts the largest population of this remarkable species, with three residing in the Americas and one in Asia. 

Tapirs play a crucial role in rainforest ecosystems — they are like nature's gardeners in the rainforest. They eat fruits and spread seeds, which in turn helps maintain the biodiversity of the rainforest. 

Led by a knowledgeable nature guide, you'll venture deep into the Tapir Valley in search of these incredible mammals.  

The best part? You don't need to go on a long and arduous hike to catch a glimpse of a Tapir in its natural habitat. This is an easy hike and Tapirs can be observed without extensive trekking. 

Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast or simply seeking a deep connection with nature, this tour is an unforgettable wildlife experience that enables you to connect with Costa Rica's natural beauty and biodiversity.