Sloth captured hanging on a tree near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Heliconias Hanging Bridges

Walk amongst the treetops in the Heliconias Rainforest on its famous hanging bridges.

People crossing a rope bridge near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Located in between Miravalles and Tenorio Volcanoes, the Heliconias Rainforest is a 243-hectare (600-acre) protected forest ideal for nature enthusiasts. 

You'll cross 15 impressive bridges — each one offering a unique perspective on the natural habitat of many of Costa Rica's famous wildlife, flora and fauna. 

Be on the lookout for toucans and other tropical birds, sloths, howler monkeys, butterflies, bromeliads and orchids to name a few. From your prized vantage point, you can also see some rewarding views, even as far as Lake Nicaragua! 

This 3.1-kilometer (1.9-mile) circuit is an easy and relaxing hike, excellent for all ages and fitness levels. 

Fun Fact: Hanging bridges are designed to allow you to experience the natural rhythm of the rainforest without harming the wildlife within its canopy.