People trying Maleku dishes near Hideaway Rio Celeste

Visit The Maleku Indigenous Reserve

On this cultural tour, here's your chance to meet and learn more about the Maleku, an indigenous people of Northern Costa Rica.

A Lady & child from Maleku tribe near Hideaway Rio Celeste
Maleku kids in traditional clothes at Hideaway Rio Celeste

The Northern Region of Costa Rica is home to the Maleku people, a group of 1,000 indigenous people who speak the Maleku Jaica dialect.  

You'll visit The Maleku Indigenous Reserve, which spans over 2,993 hectares (7,396 acres) and includes three distinct towns called "Palenques": Margarita, Tonjibe, and El Sol.  

This cultural tour will help you understand the present-day way of life for the Maleku communities, their art, culture, and how they've continued to keep their customs and traditions alive. 

Cultural Fact: Their language, also called Maleku, is considered a language isolate. This means it has no known relation to any other language in the world. This linguistic uniqueness reflects the distinct cultural heritage of the Maleku people within Costa Rica.